The Wretched Man of Romans 7

I can’t seem to do what I know is right; and I keep doing what I know is wrong! (Rom.7:19, PAR). The great debate over Romans 7 – whether Paul is describing the experience of a saved or unsaved person – really misses the point. Paul’s real concern is the danger of placing our hope … Read more

Reflections on the SBC Scandal

The heartbreaking revelations this past week of the terrible abuses and cover-ups within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) have sent shock-waves throughout the Church at large. Evangelicals have long believed this kind of problem could only affect the Catholic Church, and that such things would never occur in a conservative Protestant denomination where we supposedly … Read more

Praying for Revival?

Lately we have seen more posts from people who are hoping that we will see revival in our lifetime. The problem is … a major renewal has been taking place for at least 30 years now, and much of the Church doesn’t even know about it! What’s even more distressing, some have been told about … Read more

Why This Book?

If Paul could have seen the modern Church, he would have written a letter that made Galatians look like a Sunday School picnic. Shocking as it may sound, not a single one of the original apostles would recognize what commonly passes for the gospel and Christian living among Evangelicals today. Strong words to be sure. … Read more