What About Sin?

From time to time, I am asked the question, “When teaching about spiritual growth, why don’t you talk more about sin? After all, the real problem people have is sin, and they need to confess, repent, and ask for forgiveness in order to be free of sin.” Now obviously behind this question there is a … Read more

God’s Part and My Part

When talking about how we ourselves are involved in spiritual growth, the biggest mistakes have to do with mixing up what job belongs to whom. We either take on far too much of the task and attempt spiritual growth by direct self-effort, or we become too passive by praying a short prayer for change and … Read more

“Participation” is Central to Our Relationship with God

Perhaps the single greatest problem Christians have had since the beginning of the church is that of participation with God. Nearly every mistake in discipleship or Christian living can be traced to mistaken approaches to participation. Just look at the problems the early church experienced: The Galatians tried to add Jewish law to their Christian … Read more

Missing the Point of Spiritual Formation

In churches all across the country, office doors are getting updated with new job titles. Instead of “Pastor of Discipleship” we now see “Pastor of Spiritual Formation”; the Christian Education department is now called the Department of Spiritual Formation; the Leader of Adult Ministries is now known as the Minister of Adult Formation. But a … Read more