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To the Point …

The modern Christian Church is tragically broken.

While there have been exceptions all through history, the Church for the most part has lost the foundations from which it began.

First and foremost, Christians were meant to live within a genuine, interactive relationship with God. This life is on display all through the New Testament, beginning with the teachings and ministry of Jesus. But that is no longer the norm.

Perhaps most Christians have felt the tremendous disconnect between the New Testament and their own life. Thousands of books have been written in an attempt to motivate us back to our first love. But we keep missing the real reasons behind the lack of life we experience.

Surprisingly, the problem has been in plain sight all along! Like the elephant in the room no one wants to acknowledge, the great barrier to New Testament life is plainly visible in our Christian world.

For multiple reasons, we today have a unique opportunity to restore the foundations that have been lost.

The time has come for a New Reformation!

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