Copernicus 2.0 — The Book

A Copernican Revolution

Roughly 1600 years ago, the enemy drew the Western Church into a legal worldview from which it has never recovered. Nothing less than a Copernican-style Revolution will liberate us from this distorted view of reality and return us to the good news first preached by the apostles.

Nearly every aspect of our practical theology has been contaminated or dismantled by a judicial worldview that distorts our perceptions and derails our efforts to discover the life portrayed in the New Testament. Piece by piece, Copernicus 2.0 unmasks the extensive damage brought about by this tragic deception, and recasts the amazing vision of God’s love for us that originally took the world by storm.

One of the most important books you will ever read, Copernicus 2.0 lifts the veil on the spiritual coup that has held the Church captive now for over fifteen centuries.

The time has come for a New Reformation.

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“In his latest book, David Takle identifies the issues that have been plaguing the Christian Church for centuries and offers a renewed vision of God’s Kingdom and the kind of relationship God wants with all of humanity. Rooted in this vision is the abundant life Jesus promises through his Gospel message. It’s a message that not only the world needs to hear, but Christians too. If you are longing for something more but can’t quite put your finger on it, do yourself a favor and read this book immediately.”
John Carroll, Director – Dallas Willard Ministries’ School of Kingdom Living

Just as David Takle gave us a refreshing and more biblical view of Atonement in his book Lamb of God, he has also refreshed and expanded our understanding of Salvation to a Kingdom-of-God-sized worldview. In effect he turns the upside-down and reductionistic traditional view of Salvation into a right-side up recovery of what scripture reveals, about how God’s plan for humanity is that of a Loving Father and not a Stern Judge. And just as Copernicus refashioned views of the solar system, Copernicus 2.0 and the authors cited recapture for Evangelicals, Salvation in light of life centered again upon Jesus.
– Keith Meyer, Pastor and Author of Whole Life Transformation: Becoming the Change Your Church Needs

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