Free Indeed!

Have we really been set free from sin? Is that possible? The truth is, God has done far more for us than most Christians have ever heard of. We may have difficulty feeling free or experiencing freedom from the things that endlessly derail us (e.g. contempt; anger; lust; pride; self-rejection; regrets; unforgiveness; the list goes … Read more

Resident Aliens

In his first letter, the Apostle Peter twice refers to Christians as “aliens” on the earth. Given that Peter also believed Jesus had become King of the planet and that Christians are citizens of the new Kingdom Jesus inaugurated, his use of the word “alien” seems a bit confusing. But Peter is not confused. Jesus … Read more

Why Do Christians Still Sin?

It is quite common today for Christians to be very unsure in regard to how they might overcome sin in their life. This article will attempt to present a coherent view of Christian growth and sanctification that can clear up some of that confusion. At the outset, we need to take seriously the multiple ways … Read more